Core Values : Integrity Flexibility Execution Profressional Teamwork

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Breeder Farm
The parental stock farms produce eggs supply for the hatchery operation. We breed parental chick breed in evaporative cooling system that is cleaned and strictly controlled for animal pathogens. It is monitored and certified by Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development (DLD).
We produce day-old chicks by receiving hatched eggs from our parental stock farms for hatchery operation using advance hatchery technology, the single-stage hatchery. This will ensure that chicks are perfectly hatched, and are healthy and hygienic. In addition, we are the first manufacturer in Thailand to vaccinate our chickens in ovo. We then supply our day-old chicks to the company's broiler farms and contract farms for nurturing until they become broilers.
We produce fresh meat products for the domestic and international market. Our premium broilers are raised from the company’s farms and contract farms then pass through the slaughterhouse which is certified by Thailand’s Department of Livestock.
Our Product
We pay attention to every step. in order to obtain quality products with food safety standards "Without the use of growth hormone" Today, customers are increasingly concerned with health, therefore food safety is one of the key factors in our products to keep us competitive in the global market. We recognize the importance of food safety and high quality production which is our responsibility for customers. The company has been certified for export standards GMP, HACCP, HALAL.

History (ความเป็นมาของบริษัท)



               Golden Farm Center Co., Ltd. and Silver Farm Center Co., Ltd. were established around 2006 by Mr.Roongarun Kanrut and Miss Pariya Tippawong, initially doing business in chicken farming. Meat in the form of insurance chickens and doing independent chicken farming business for sale to general customers. Initially, there was a small business raising the area without expanding the area, but when the chicken farming business went well and had a tendency to sell at a price Mr.Roongarun and Miss Pariya therefore expanded the area for raising and expanded the customer base to become more independent chicken farmers and then started to run a business selling animal feed. and pharmaceuticals for animals on behalf of Noppakhun 2 shop, along with the broiler farming business.


              Later in 2011, Mr.Roongarun and Miss Pariya decided to establish and register. Golden Farm Center and have built a chicken farm as a closed farm system. which is in the area Prachinburi, Saraburi And Lopburi has been raising chickens to guarantee prices with CPF (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Centagro Co., Ltd., Golden Food Siam Co., Ltd. and has built and expanded the business in the form of chicken breeds and Hatchery at Ban Mi District, Lopburi Province to create a sustainable business with breeders to produce eggs and hatcheries that can produce chicks to feed the broiler business all the time and in 2012 with the foresight of Mr.Roongarun and Miss Pariya therefore expanding the integrated business, therefore established a company Silver Farm Center Co., Ltd., which is a processing factory that is ready to support the broiler business and ready to sell fresh chicken both domestically and for export. Next. The company has been certified by EST266, GMP, HACCP and HALAL.


Company Policy

Committed to developing the production process throughout  the food chain. Manage and control the threats of business to produce quality products and ensure food safety according to international standards. Comply with the law and authenticity , environmentally friendly, and satisfying all of the stakeholders. Emphasize Employee and innovator development propel the organization toward sustainability. 



We are specialists in the production of chicken parts. As a well-established company in Thailand, we operate business from breeder
chicken farming to slaughtering and exporting. We produce high-quality products that meet industry standards and requirements with a main
focus on consumer food safety.


Core Values
Silver Farm Center Company Limited


Honesty Cup Performance Stand up for what's right and take responsibility. Be transparent, ethical and use moral principles in management and work.


Fast and efficient adaptation to change "Big fish swim fast" sees change as an opportunity.


Working with diligence, patience, discipline and responsibility Focus on operational results


Practice cup of expertise, know deeply, know the truth and Able to perform duties effectively, study for knowledge Continuously develop yourself and others


Working together well, there is unity among the team towards the same goal.